Pick an “American name”

This time, I’m going to let someone else do the talking. Just in case our discussion about race, citizenship, and rhetoric seemed like it was “dated,” I think the following news story will show one way that communication in the past (and present) shapes attitudes, actions, beliefs, and so on regarding race.

¬†Representative Betty Brown doesn’t want to “have to learn Chinese” in order to pronounce voters’ names

The post is from a great website called racialicious.com that discusses race and pop culture.

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One Response to “Pick an “American name””

  1. Bartley Samantha Says:

    Actually, I DO do a lot of reseach on names simply for the sake of filling harddrive space with knowledge that will only ever come in handy when I feel like taking a name from Japanese popular culture and pair it with a wacked-out Mesoamerican name (okay, that’s a little extreme). But the point I want to make is that I do a lot of research through online babyname websites. And almost every one of those name sites has a category called “American Baby Names.”
    What constitutes as an “American” baby name? Well, not even these sites can agree, but every single one has “John” on the list and then some even have traditional Native American on them. It’s kind of funny really. They can’t even make their minds on what’s an American name, so how can anyone really say what is an American name?

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